Spider bite, my ASUS dying, and the secret genius of spider man

Ok... That sucked. But now I am truly crazy frustrated with this fucking ASUS... As long as I don't run in an Xwindows environment, it doesn't overheat and actually runs FINE.... Which means that something in my X environment is literally forcing it to destroy itself... I wonder if maybe that was thermal compound on the GP and CPUs weakening along side with whatever is forcing it to run at surface of sun temps (which would explain I guess why this is suddenly happening now and has been getting worse week after week)...

Another Reason Why I Feel So Bad for the Venture Family

A meditation the venturefamily's poverty
Seth “Fingers” Flynn Barkan

So, conversationally with my friend and cohort, J.W., I've established why I feel such a deep and abiding sympathy with (and, therefore, also actually love) Thad. S. (Rusty) Venture, but this afternoon, while re-watching (for the billionth time) "The Family That Slays Together (1)," something else occured to me.


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