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"Stat Experiment" by "Seth Fingers Flynn Barkan"
People have a number called hit points. People have a number called instinct points. 
The hit points of the player is 10.
The instinct points of the player is 0.
The cave is a room. "[if unvisited] A Beautiful fucking cave. Just like the last imaginary place we created that one other time or whatever.[paragraph break]--- If this is your first time in a place like this, then you are obviously underqualified... so just wing it. Till you get better: this is what is technically referred to as a cave. Welcome to the most awesome cave you've been to in a TBAG.[end if] [if visited]The cave, much like yourself, isn't getting any younger; and neither of you seem to care... It waits with preternatural combination of hunger and patience... as if saying, 'make your move, whip-boy...'"
A button is a thing.
The red button is here. "You feel a powerful compulsion to look at the red button, which burns clown-satanic red, backlit by an incongrously placed arcade bulb somewhere underneath its entrancing, joy-drool-inspiring CANDY-LIKE surface... all of which screams directly into your brain: YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THE RED BUTTON; it's part of the tutorial, fucko..."
[The red button can be activated.]
The blue button is here. The blue button is fixed in place. 
The tripwire is a thing.
The tripwire is here. 
Instead of examining the red button:
say "Peering closely at the button, you notice the words 'YOU WILL DIE' carved into its backlit surface, as if by the fingernails of some poor manic fuckface who came before you. Ain't that just the way?";
increase the instinct points of the player by 1.;
say "[paragraph break] You just gained an instinct point! Look at you! Enter STATUS to see your current HP and IP - both of which will be expurgated from the finished adventure and made unavailable for the user to actually see during the REAL adventure."
The idol is a thing. "The serene face of the golden idol gleams luminously at you."
The idol is on top of the altar.
An altar is in the cave.
Instead of taking the idol:
if instinct points of the player is greater than 0:
say "You deftly switch out the idol for the sack of goat testicles you brought, cleverly circumventing the pressure plate underneath.";
if instinct points of the player is less than 1:
say "At last, the idol is finally yours, all yours! You hold it up to the light to examine it, basking in your moment of triumph... as the pressure plate on which it had been resting ominously lowers into the floor."
Instead of examining the idol:
say "Carefully looking at the idol at some safe remove, you get a better sense of the weight necessary to prevent the trapped altar from triggering. You can't be sure though...";
increase the instinct points of the player by 1.
Instead of examining the tripwire:
say "Very clever, Dr. Whipman.";
increase the instinct points of the player by 1. 
Pressing is an action applying to one visible thing. Understand "press" as pressing.
Instead of pushing the red button:
say "You press the red button and are instantly shocked by lightening!";
decrease the hit points of the player by 2.
Instead of pressing the blue button:
say "You press the blue button and instantly feel a little better!";
now the hit points of the player is the hit points of the player plus 1.
Checking status is an action applying to nothing. Understand "status" as checking status.
Carry out checking status:
say "[status][paragraph break]";
To say status:
say "Current hit points: [the hit points of the player]";
say "Current Instinct Points: [the instinct points of the player]";
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